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Ensure your ADAS systems are calibrated by professionals at ECF

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), also known as smart driving technologies, are a range of different technologies to help improve driver safety. ADAS technologies include features such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, automatic braking, parking assist, and lots more. These technologies typically use cameras and sensors to identify the vehicle's surroundings in order to assist the driver in a variety of ways to improve the overall safety of driving.

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How do I know if my ADAS is faulty?

Your ADAS system may need calibrating if:

  • You have had a new windscreen
  • Your dashboard shows a fault
  • A camera has been disconnected
  • You have had an accident

Had an accident that may have damaged your ADAS?

ADAS systems need recalibrating after any maintenance or repair work has been done to the vehicle to ensure the technologies are working effectively and as they should. We are able to calibrate your smart driving technologies to ensure they are up to standard and safe when on the road.


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ADAS systems we will fix

Adaptive cruise control

This is similar to cruise control but with some new technological advancements. Once you have set the speed, your car will travel at the speed you have set, but with adaptive cruise control, your car will be able to slow down and speed up depending on what the car ahead does.

Autonomous emergency braking

Your car will have cameras and sensors that scan the road ahead alerting you of any potential dangers either with warning lights on your dashboard alongside an alarm or by taking over the system and slowing the car down itself.

Forward collision warning

Similar to autonomous emergency braking, the car will alert you, the driver, of any potential dangers in the road ahead and will alert you with warnings on the dashboard and an alarm. However, the car will not take any action, even if you fail to do so.

Lane departure warning

As you begin to drift into another lane, the car will warn you with an alert sound and through vibrating the steering wheel. Some cars may be fitted with Lane Keep Assist Systems (LKAS) whereby the vehicle will steer the car back into the lane.

Blind spot detection

This is where a warning light appears on your wing mirror to let you know of any potential dangers that are in your blind spot that you may be unaware of.

Road sign detection

One of the cameras on your car will search for upcoming road signs along the road you're driving on. A display will then appear on your dashboard to show you the speed limit on that particular road.

Park assist

Park assist otherwise known as automatic parking can help you both find parking bays and park your vehicle for you, with some help from the driver.

Still not sure what ADAS is? Here are some videos from Audi explaining different types of smart driving technologies. 

The five levels of piloted driving

An international standardized level system classifies Audi's development steps in piloted driving. We are about to show you the five Levels of piloted driving and the meaning of each of these levels.

Integrated brake control system of the Audi e-tron (animation)

Depending on the driving situation, the electrohydraulically integrated brake control system decides – electrically on each individual axle – whether the Audi e-tron will decelerate using the electric motor, the wheel brake, or a combination of the two.

The Audi driver assistance systems: Future outlook – Piloted driving

TV host Anna Funck enters a journey of discovery together with the Audi A7 piloted driving concept – internal nickname “Jack”. “Jack” has learned how to autonomously perform all of its driving maneuvers on the highway by showing consideration for other road users. Audi MediaTV joined Anna on her trip on German highway A9.

Animation: Audi Q8 e-tron – Integrated brake control system

Depending on the driving situation, the Audi Q8 e-tron decides whether to decelerate via the electric motor, the wheel brakes, or a combination of both – and does so individually for each axle. When braking from higher speeds, the system recuperates with around two-thirds of its drive power.


February 2024